8 Tips for making healthy food swaps beyond Birmingham Restaurant Week

Birmingham Restaurant Week presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is coming to an end, but making healthy swaps at breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t have to. 

With more than 83 years of experience in making your health a priority, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama cares about giving Alabamians the right tools to make healthy decisions.  

Here are even more tips from the Health Management team that will help you keep making healthy choices long after the BRW specials end. 

1. Enjoy a crunch? Try swapping chips out for crunchy vegetables like carrots to make a healthy snack.  

2. Missing the salty taste of chips? Try your hand at a fresh, home-made kale chip recipe. 

3. Fall is coming. Enjoy the great weather with a backyard cookout. Heat up that grill and toss on lean protein, such as chicken. Make a kabob with your favorite veggies and fruits (onions, peppers, squash, pineapple). 

4. Stay hydrated! Try adding sliced cucumber to a pitcher of water, and let it soak overnight take a look. Give your water a subtle, refreshing taste! 

5. Need a crunch in your yogurt? Try swapping out the granola for a fiber-rich cereal. 

6. Try swapping out the bagel for whole-grain toast or English muffin and add a serving of peanut butter to get your day started off right! 

7. Try swapping out pita chips for crunchy bell peppers (all colors) with hummus for a healthy snack! 

8. Don’t be heavy handed with the salt shaker! Experiment with different herbs and spices to flavor your food to yummy!