FAQs for Diners

When is Birmingham Restaurant Week 2020?
BRW 2020 starts Friday, August 14, 2020 and runs through Monday, August 31, 2020. Not all restaurants, bars and food trucks will be open all 18 days of BRW. Please check by visiting the Eat/Drink tab for dates and hours of operation for all participating restaurants, bars and food trucks.

What is Birmingham Restaurant Week?
From fine dining to down-home cookin’, food lovers with a taste for adventure can enjoy special lunch or dinner 2 and 3-course, prix-fixe menus ranging from $5 to $50 per person – making it easy and affordable for everyone to enjoy a taste of Birmingham’s diverse dishes. BRW is inviting locally owned bars and food trucks to participate as well. As a result of the severe economic impact that the pandemic has had on Birmingham restaurants, this year’s BRW will feature participating businesses’ to-go and curbside pickup options, as well as the traditional dine-in option for businesses that have reopened for limited-seating dining on their patio and/or inside their restaurant. Cocktail kits, to-go cocktails and family style options will be offered on BRW menus also. Only locally owned and operated businesses will be allowed to participate this year, as BRW has decided to be hyper local and support the local community.

How do I participate in BRW?
No passes, tickets or coupons are required to enjoy BRW. Diners simply visit any of BRW’s participating restaurants, bars or food trucks, and order off their special BRW menus, which will be listed on our website as soon as businesses submit them (by Aug. 3). Be sure to ask your server for the BRW menu if you aren’t given one upon being seated. Some restaurants do take reservations, and when that is the case, we’d recommend doing so.

Is it safe to visit participating businesses during BRW?
All participating businesses are strictly following all CDC guidelines for dine-in customers. Indoor restaurant and bar capacities are limited to 50%, so checking in advance for table availability and making reservations are recommended. If reservations are unavailable, most restaurants are offering take-out and curbside pickup during BRW.

How much does BRW cost?
Prices vary by restaurant and meal. Price points range from $5 to $50 per person for a wide variety of multi-course, prix-fixe menus. We will also have cocktail kit, cocktails to-go and family-style meal options available that will vary in price. Be sure to check each business’s menu for specific details and offerings (when menus are added).

When and where can I see each restaurant, bar or food truck’s menu?
The menu submission deadline for participating businesses is Aug. 3, 2020. We will have all menus available by that date if they have submitted their menu. Menus can be viewed by visiting the Eat/Drink tab on the website. If a menu is not available, that means it has not been finalized or submitted by the restaurant yet, so be sure to check back!

Are reservations required?
No, only restaurants that regularly require reservations would be needed. However, since inside dining is limited to 50% of restaurant capacity, reservations are strongly encouraged. Walk-ins are welcomed and appreciated when seating is available. To make a reservation or to check for seating availability, diners should contact restaurants directly. Restaurant phone numbers and website addresses can be found in the Eat/Drink tab after businesses have signed up for BRW.

Do restaurants and bars offer outdoor or patio dining?
Some do, but some do not have access to outdoor dining areas. Please check for outdoor dining options in the Eat/Drink tab.

Does BRW offer vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options?
Yes. While not every restaurant is able to cater to each dietary preference, you can search our participants list and sort by dietary preference to view restaurants offering menus in line with your lifestyle.

Does BRW offer children’s menus?
Menu offerings are ultimately left to the discretion of each restaurant to create and prepare. If a participant does offer a children’s menu, you will see it when viewing the restaurant’s menu in our Eat/Drink tab. You can also choose to order from the restaurant’s regular menu during BRW, including children’s menus normally available at restaurants.

Will BRW host any events?
Originally, BRW organizers had plans to bring back the signature BRW Preview Party and Wineology events this year, but because of COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel those for 2020. However, we will host Zoom live demos offered for diners that will be presented by sponsors and local chefs/restaurants. They may include how to make a cocktail, how to make a family style meal, wine tastings and more. Sponsors and individual restaurants and bars are free to offer any of these types of Zoom events, and we will partner and promote! Additionally, select restaurants, bars and chefs may host specialty meals and events for the most fervent foodies at their locations. Please visit our Events page for a detailed run-down of each event taking place during BRW.

There’s a restaurant, bar or food truck I really want to be in BRW. How can I make it happen?
Email us at info@bhamrestaurantweek.com and let us know – and we will contact them! Or tell the restaurant manager or owner about us, and have them contact us at info@bhamrestaurantweek.com. Or, they can go ahead and register by submitting their application at the Business Sign-Up tab on our website.

My organization/business is interested in sponsoring, participating and/or contributing to BRW. How can I find out more information about this?
BRW sponsors are a crucial component of Birmingham Restaurant Week and include a wide variety of local businesses, corporations, food and beverage vendors, media partners and more. We would be glad to discuss a potential partnership, sponsorship or other opportunity with your organization. Please email info@bhamrestaurantweek.com if you are interested, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.