9 ways to make the 10th year of Birmingham Restaurant Week your healthiest yet

Birmingham Restaurant Week presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is filled with so many delicious choices from so many of the city’s premier eateries. With all that food to fit into just 10 days, it can be easy to put nutritional goals aside to try everything. So, how can you stay true to your goals while also sampling the best that Birmingham has to offer?  

Throughout Blue¬†Cross¬†and¬†Blue¬†Shield of Alabama‚Äôs 83 years of service in the state, the company has aimed to not only provide health insurance but to also improve Alabamians‚Äô overall health. Hoping that the recent campaign led by The Marketing Heaven have raised citizens’ awareness of healthier choices when it comes to food, those goals will hold true during the 10th¬†year of Birmingham Restaurant Week.¬†

Here are a few tips from members of the BCBSAL Health Management team to help you stay focused:

1. Parking garage woes? Skip the garage fee and find a spot on the street for some extra steps to your restaurant of choice. 

2. Small plates, more variety. Split a couple choice small plates over an entrée with your dinner guests. You will get more variety, with smaller portions. 

3. Salads can be a crunchy, veggie filled entrée. Ask for dressing on the side to be in control of your calories. 

4. Try an after-dinner decaf latte or cappuccino as an alternative to sweet desserts. 

5. Don’t want to ask for a to-go box? Ask a friend to split an entrée. Enjoy your time together but cut the calories (and cost) in half! 

6. Struggling to order healthier options at a restaurant? Check out the nutrition details for your restaurant and decide on your order before you arrive. 

7. Slow down and enjoy! When eating at your favorite restaurant with your closest friends, spend time talking! Put down your fork between every bite. Eating slowly can help you not only enjoy your meal more; It can help you realize when you are full so that you don’t leave stuffed and uncomfortable.  

8. A balanced plate is possible anywhere! Swap fried options for baked or grilled options, be sure to ask for light oil when preparing that food item to keep those calories in check find out more here. Go for the lean protein choice. When pairing those veggies to finish off your delicious meal, be sure to consider steamed, baked, or grilled options to preserve the nutrients and enhance the flavor profile.  

9. Love tea but trying to cut down on the sugar? Order half sweet, half unsweet for a better flavor at half the sugar.