Primary Contact Information

    Please provide at least one contact person who will be responsible for all elements of Birmingham Restaurant Week including:

    • Menu submission

    • Attending BRW restaurant information meeting (Date & Time TBD)

    • Marketing collateral distribution

    • Internal BRW communications

    NOTE: Primary Contact is REQUIRED to attend BRW meetings or zoom calls. All primary contacts are expected to communicate BRW details to their servers and staff. All questions and concerns will be addressed at required BRW meetings.




    Business Information

    RestaurantFood TruckBar

    AmericanAsianBakeryBar/CocktailsBBQCoffee ShopCajun/CreoleChineseContinentalFood TruckFrenchFusionGluten FreeGreekIndianIrishItalianLatinMediterraneanMexicanOrganicPizzaSeafoodSteakSushiThaiVeganVegetarianOther


    Good for kidsHandicapped AccessiblePatio Dining/SeatingPet FriendlyWifi

    BRW Menu Price Point

    $10 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$15 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$20 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$25 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$30 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$35 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$40 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$45 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)$50 per person for prix fixe menu (3 items)N/A - if you are a bar

    $5 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)$10 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)$15 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)$20 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)$25 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)N/A - if you are a bar

    $5 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)$10 per person for prix fixe menu (2 items)

    Drink menu and will determine price point.N/A






    Free Food Friday Gift Card Giveaways

    All participating restaurants, bars and food trucks are required to provide 1 gift card of $20-$50 for social media promotional giveaways before and during Restaurant Week. Restaurants are encouraged to donate as many cards as possible to get additional promotion for BRW. Gift card winners cannot use the gift cards during BRW. Please mail gift cards to Style Advertising, 3617 8th Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35222 by January 3.


    Jones Valley Teaching FarmCommunity Food Bank of Central AlabamaWest End Community GardenFirehouse ShelterMagic City Harvest

    Terms & Conditions

    Birmingham Restaurant Week is not just about offering discounted meals - it’s a signature culinary promotion that impacts and benefits the entire Birmingham culinary community. Locals and visitors alike will share their experiences at BRW which will further enhance our city’s growing reputation as one of the nation’s hottest culinary destinations. As such, it is imperative that participating restaurants, bars and food trucks adhere to the BRW promotion standards that reflect excellence in:

    • Level of Service

    • Diversity of Menu

    • Quality of Ingredients

    • Overall Experience

    As a BRW Participant, you agree to the following:

    • Offer a prix fixe Restaurant Week menu for either breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

    • Agree to print and provide to ALL guests a Restaurant Week menu during the 18-day event.

    • Agree to complete the post-promotion survey to provide feedback on the promotion.

    • Agree to display Restaurant Week marketing materials as soon as they are made available.

    • Agree to send at least one representative from your establishment to ONE required restaurant meeting (date and location TBD). This may be a zoom call if in-person meetings aren't safe.

    • Participants are highly encouraged to work with Restaurant Week food/ beer/ wine/ liquor/ coffee/ soda/ services sponsors.

    • Agree to create a signature cocktail for your restaurant which will need to be listed on your BRW menu during the 18 days of the promotion.


    Participation Level & Registration Fee

    This year we are giving restaurants, bars and food trucks the ability to tailor their menus and price points to highlight new specialties and allow more members to participate this year. It is our hope that this flexibility will prove to be a more successful Restaurant Week for you. With this structure, we are also encouraging consumers to patronize BRW businesses more than once – whether it’s drinks & shared plates with friends or a ‘3 course dinner’ date.

    You have the option to do "3 items" instead of "3 courses."

    Menu items can include drinks, appetizers, shared plates, entrees or desserts


    • Dinner: Glass of Wine/Cocktail, Entrée, Dessert

    • Dinner: Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert

    • Dinner: 2 Glasses of Wine, Shared Plate

    • Breakfast: Coffee & Donuts

    • Lunch: Appetizer & Entrée

    • Lunch: Appetizer, Entrée & Dessert

    • Bar: Featured Wine, Beer and Cocktails

    Price Points

    • Breakfast: $5, $10, $15

    • Lunch: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25

    • Dinner: $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50

    • Bars: dollar amounts are up to owners based on drink menus and cocktail kits

    If you have never participated in Birmingham Restaurant Week before, we will host informational meetings where you will learn how to craft your BRW menus and be introduced to important, helpful sponsors. Time and date TBD.

    Processing Fee: