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Restaurants and Available Positions – Hiring Now!

Birmingham Restaurant Week is helping individuals pursue a culinary career in Birmingham’s nationally recognized restaurant community. Because of the labor shortage, restaurants are in a bind to find staff to properly serve their customers. Looking to start your culinary career? Apply now for these positions currently available with our BRW participants!

Want to apply for all of these positions in only one application? Visit our Culinary Job Recruitment Application!

Ashley Mac's

Servers, Hosts/Hostesses, Cooks
(205) 822-4142
Click To Apply

Culinary and Front of House Positions
No Phone
Click To Apply

Cashier, Catering Driver
(205) 739-2232
Apply in-store

Line Cooks, Pizza Makers, Servers, Dishwashers, Hosts
(205) 879-8603
Apply in-store or Send Resume

Line Cooks (Entry Level & Experienced)
(205) 588-1744
Apply in-store or Send Resume

Front of House, Back of House
(205) 933-2133
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El ZunZun

Sous chef
(205) 791-7711
Apply in-store from 2-4 p.m Tuesday-Sunday

Hosts, Bartenders, Servers, Cooks
(205) 968-1408
Call and ask for Anna


Hosts, Servers, Bartenders, Cooks
(205) 871-9525
Send Resume

Dishwashers, Servers, Waiters Assistants, Cooks
(205) 933-0999
Send Resume

Sabor Latino

Peruvian Chef
To Apply, call (205) 218-4080 and ask for Manuel or Lily or apply in-store from 3-4 p.m. and speak to Lily.

Hosts, Servers, Kitchen Staff
(205) 557-5423
Apply In-Store

Hosts, Servers, Kitchen Staff
(205) 557-5423
Apply In-Store

Sol Y Luna

Bartender, Server, Server Assistant
(205) 407-4797
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Dishwasher, Line-cook, Expediter/Runner
(205) 777-3024
Apply in-store

Servers, Bartenders, Line Cooks, Fry Cooks, Dishwashers
(205) 202-6649
Send Resume

Servers/Waitstaff, Line-cook
(205) 637-5731
Apply in-store

Servers, Prep Cooks
(205) 871-1000
Apply in-store


Hosts, Servers, Line/Prep/Dishwasher
(205) 730-9249
Apply in-store

Cooks, Servers
(205) 783-1120
Apply in-store


Servers, Bartenders
(205) 870-8404
Apply in-store or Send Resume

Culinary Job Recruitment Application

Looking to apply at multiple places who are now hiring? Fill out our Culinary Job Recruitment Application below! Birmingham Restaurant Week will send this form to a list of potential employers, who may contact you and provide you with their official employment application after reviewing the information provided in this form. By submitting this form, you agree to allow BRW to disclose the information provided below to potential employers.

Disclaimer: This form is not an official job application nor does it guarantee employment.

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