Green Acres - Downtown

Green Acres Cafe, presently located @ 1705 4th Avenue North was started by my father in 1958 on the corner of 16th street and 6th avenue north.

I returned home from Los Angeles California in 1993. My father had an idea about expanding the business; I began the research to accomplish that task.

We were proud to present the 1st Franchise in 1994, Green Acres West End and from there; GOD BLESSED.

2004 Green Acres Centerpoint

2005 Green Acres Irondale

2006 Green Acres Eastlake

2006 Green Acres Hueytown

Green Acres Café received the Five Star Award from Birmingham's Mayor Kincaid; what an honor!

In closing, I would like to say, I am pleased to be a part of serving Good Food to people for so long and I hope to continue for many more years to come.