Eugene's Hot Chicken

When you’ve got to have Hot Chicken done right, look for the big red truck! Eugene’s hot Chicken Food Truck is on the move in and around Birmingham, Alabama serving up our incredible Nashville-style favorite. We love what we do and you’ll love what we’re cooking up in our mobile kitchen—everything from Hot Chicken (of course) to wings or fingers with fries and slaw and even decadent desserts. See for yourself why people are calling us the best chicken in Birmingham! Lunch, dinner or a hearty snack—Eugene’s satisfies every time.

Birmingham has fallen in love with the soulful, simple beauty of Zebbie’s southern recipes. From the spicy batter to the flavorful slaw to the cool and creamy Ranch dressing, everything is freshly prepared, and Zebbie wouldn’t have it any other way.

Follow us on Social Media #whereseugenechicken to see where we’ll be next and be sure to stop by! You won’t regret it.