Cashio's Meatball Market

Tucked away in the heart of Lakeview, you'll find a sleek space alive with modern spirit. Here, decor inspired by elegant Alabama marble gives way to comfort food classics, playfully reimagined with individuality in mind. 

Cashio's Meatball Market is owned and operated by a family whose roots reach all the way to Sicily. The carefully curated menu features meatballs and accompaniments, all combined at the guest's whim, to excite the palate and warm the soul. Grandma Angel's traditional beef recipe gets just as much credence as the vegan specialty, all served with house-made breads, mix-and-match sauces and savory sides. 

Come for the hand-crafted meatballs and leave filled with a contagious energy that permeates this lively establishment. At Cashio's Meatball Market, #lifesball.