Avo & Dram

Avo is California shorthand for avocado, one of the iconic products of the Golden State -- the originator, as with so much else, of the local and slow-food movements in the US. Avo continues this tradition with its "Cal-abama cuisine," using the best local and state products from Alabama along with select California seafood, meat and produce to create simple yet elegant meals in a clean, contemporary space that makes use of sustainable building products and low-energy lighting, heating and cooling. A full corner bar and a covered outdoor terrace overlooking the heart of Mountain Brook Village offer guests distinct dining experiences, including a Sunday brunch.

Dram is an old Scottish term for a pour of whiskey, Dram lives up to its name with Birmingham's most extensive collection of bourbon, Scotch and other whiskeys mixed in myriad cocktails or, classically, served neat or on the rocks. A full restaurant as well, Dram offers Kentucky and Tennessee cuisine along with some British Isles favorites up-scaled in both preparation and presentation. A two-level courtyard presents opportunities to dine or lounge outdoors late into the evening -- seven nights a week.