5 Point Public House Oyster Bar

To celebrate Restaurant Week this year we decided to do something a little different. We partnered with local farmer Henry Fudge from Fudge Family Farms in Madison Alabama. Henry specializes in raising Duroc swine naturally. We will be roasting 10 of these pigs for the 10 days of Birmingham Restaurant Week because a pig-a-day makes you happy all the way! (Just a little joke.) Each day we will “box roast”, or for those of you in the know “caja china” roast, one whole pig!! Then at the start of dinner we will chop that pig down and serve it to you on our fresh whole pig plate feature. (See below dinner menu)

Not to let any of that wonderful pig go to waste our Birmingham Restaurant Week lunch menu will feature five different pig sandwiches using the perfectly roasted pig from the night before!! (Check out the luch menu!)