Chef Profile

Marco Morosini - Silvertron Cafe

Marco Morosini grew up in Bergamo, Italy.  Deciding early that the restaurant business was his true calling, Morosini began working in area restaurants when he was 17. After several years of gaining experience in a variety of Italian eateries, he decided he wanted to learn how the French ran their restaurants.  Off to Paris he went and started at the very bottom rung in the four-star restaurant, Le Doyen, which meant polishing the lowest rungs of the stair banisters.(Once you mastered that, you could move up.)  Marco progressed to the lofty level of Chef de Rang, which is a server who is in charge of a small section of the house, and occasionally is called on to portion & serve whole fish at the table.  Meanwhile, he learned French, a lot about French wines, and a good bit about French nightclubs.

Once he mastered tableside fish filleting (and nightclubbing!), Marco decided it was time to learn how the Americans ran their operations.  So, off to San Francisco he flew, once again starting at the bottom, washing dishes, learning English.  Before too long he was General Manager at Grand Café in the Hotel Monaco just off Union Square. Just as he was about to accept a job offer in Sydney, Australia, he met a girl from Birmingham, Alabama and stopped in his tracks.

The newlyweds spent a brief stint in Panama City, Florida, where he received the invaluable lesson in the differences between the Italian Riviera and the Redneck Riviera, before moving to Birmingham.  Here, Marco was General Manager at Nonna Rose, Standard Bistro and The Grape.  After studying how Italians do it, how French do it and how Americans do it, finally, Marco decided to see how he would do it.  So, in the fall of 2007, the Morosinis decided to purchase an old neighborhood restaurant which had seen some rough times and bring it back to life.  Silvertron Café reopened under Marco's leadership in November of that year.

Marco began working in the front of the house in Silvertron, but quickly learned the kitchen inside and out and became not only owner, but chef at Silvertron.  As much as he has loved adding some favorite authentic Italian dishes to the menu, his wife contends his true artistic talents emerge when crafting his ever-changing soup of the day.

Marco regularly hosts dinners celebrating true Italian cuisine and pairing each course with wine, in addition to teaching wine classes for the novice and the aficionado alike.  Marco is a member of Birmingham Originals and works with other business owners in Forest Park and South Avondale to continue the revitalization of the neighborhood through improvement projects, festivals and events like Third Friday in Forest Park.

Almost four years after reopening Silvertron, Marco is enjoying watching the Forest Park neighbors relaxing in their favorite old hangout, the workforce from downtown pouring in for lunch and people from all over coming back to their favorite Birmingham eatery.  The old Silvertron marches on with a little dash of new Italian flair.